“If you are thinking of buying a home you need Dave Smeak to represent your best interests. Dave works beyond just making the sale. We was very patient with us, finding numerous houses that matched our descriptions. Dave worked with us extensively on nights and weekends when it best fit our schedules. Dave even put together our offer while on vacation because he didn’t want to wait and risk being beaten by another offer. Show me someone else who would take care of his clients like that. His knowledge is invaluable, giving us tips on what is a good house not just based on what we liked about it, but factoring resale ability, and things that could turn into problems down the road. At our closing Dave was even describing things in the contract to the other realtor who was involved in the process. We have our dream home for our family and owe it all to Dave Smeak and Smeak Realty, truly a good foundation for every home sold.”

— Mike Vitale


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